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“The Art of Love”, a Story


     I have read Boris’s book – the book that he gave as a gift to the Singer.  

     A sincere and naive story. One hundred pages telling us about a personal drama of two hearts that is not meant to be watched by outsiders.

     And then I wrote my story. A story intended to be published.*

     Because Boris and the Singer cannot be its authors – it would be illogical and somehow wrong, wouldn’t it?


     If Boris has written this story, does it really mean that the Singer visited Moscow? Did she really give a concert on the very day when Carmela was gone?!

     Who knows…

     But then, why have I «sent» the Singer and not Boris to Carmela’s homeland?!

     Why did I pick up this particular alternative among the multitude of the possible outcomes?  

     Because at the present time I thought it to be the most appropriate.

     But what really happened?!

     What did the Singer do after reading the story? How did she make it possible for Boris to understand that henceforth Carmela fills an important place also in her soul?
   / This is the question I want you, dear visitors, to answer! /


     And, finally, why didn’t Boris go there himself?!


     …He couldn’t go. Did not pluck up his courage. Did not dare to take the risk. It just wasn’t meant to happen.  

     And, most probably, it won’t happen in the immediate future… Could it be because he knows more than he has written?

     But let it all be so, as it happens - the events unfold swiftly; every month brings amazing news to the creators of this project!

     And Boris might, after all, come upon the traces of his beloved.

     And then

     Then I shall write another book, describing what he had to experience, what he had to overcome and what  it cost him.

     Yes! His story is not nearly finished…

     Who knows? What if it only starts?


   * I am the author of the project, but I am not a writer, though I somehow wield a pen – my name can mean nothing to you. Perhaps, the story  turned out slightly rough and imperfect… But it looks like that Boris wanted the reader to be absorbed in the realm of inelaborate phrases and genuine passions. In the realm of an unfabricated Love.

   It wasn’t an easy job for me to write this story. While Boris had done it in one go: in just three (!) months - and it took me over two years… The result was two hundred and forty pages, bound in a popular format. Two hundred and forty pages filled with fantastical events (the gist presented on the website gives only the main plotline) and bursting forth with energy…

   The book full of Angst and Pain. The book full of Happiness and Hope…


I strove to describe every character of this incredible story in a way that would leave no any reader indifferent to their lifes and doings.

Because all the characters are true to life! They only have fictitious names.

The name of only one person is real, though. I think youll guess who I mean.

What concerns the Singer, I did not give her even a fictitious name. And I did it intentionally.

Every person is expected to recognize his “Goddess of Song” in her.

...Every singer is beautiful and talented in her own way; every singer endeavours to convey her love for music! And each singer has devoted followers adoring her work.

And I think each singer would do the same if happened to be in her shoes…

Every generation has and will have its own idols – its own Singers… That is why there won’t be the end to this story.

New generations of the followers will prove it.


All the coincidences in names, dates and places are purely incidental.


But why am I writing these hackneyed words?


On no account and by no means ever try to repeat the actions of the characters!


 You would have failed – because this path can be followed by only one person.  

«...Love is a wonderful flower, but one needs courage to come and pick it up at the edge of an abyss. Love is art, but one should master it just like any other kind of art…»

These are words of Erich Fromm, a prominent German philosopher and psychoanalyst – the first person to write a book with such a title.

I think that Boris has mastered this art and that’s why all the people he encounters on his path sincerely try to help him or, at least, do not impede him... And I think his dream is bound to come true! Let’s wish him luck!

What if the miracle really happens? After all, this wonderful story is filled with so many fantastical, incredibly horrible and incredibly beautiful things that … it simply cannot have a sad ending!

So are the laws of the genre.

But the laws of life should be just the same. This was the reason why I have taken up this project...

P.S. The book was being prepared for publishing when Boris unexpectedly dreamed … a song. He was actually surprised why it had not happened before. But the Superior Force that determines his fate must have resolved that only now the time came for the song to come up.  

... For years on end, his singers have ceaselessly sung about those who loves. Now its time for him to sing about them.

Sing to those who love passionately.

First, in Russian and English, but then in other languages as well, because this story will be understood everywhere where Love lives. And this means the song will be heard throughout the world! And those singers who will be singing it, will have the hope that some time someone will sing a song devoted to them…

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*   *   *


     …But what if she is still alive?!


     Her relatives have to be alive for sure! Perhaps, they’ll read these lines... or these songs will reach their ears…

     Will reach the ears of all the characters involved…

      After all, songs are thoughts that took flight.


     This is the aim this website was created for.



    …Boris has done all he could…


   Trying to give back at least a part of his debt…


   At least to one of his singers.


    The project that includes


    A website

       A Book

          A CD.

             A distinct design.

                 A script for a film and an audiobook.

                     A through logo and an advertising slogan

                        And, finally, a unique team of like-minded people – people of different occupations having one thing in common: an open heart and innate decency.


     is meant for her…

    or for them?


    And what about the Singer?


    Would she approve of the project?  Would she join it?

    …Would she want the entire world to find out what she has come to mean to Boris?


    Let’s be patient…