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In love, like in art, there isno need

to say what has been said byothers.

Romen Rollan




Dear visitor!


This website is a part of a very unusualmultimedia project.

The project, paid for in people’s fates…

The project that from now on is administered by lifeitself.



*   *   *


       Longtime ago in the year of nineteen eighty… Ah well, does it really matter when thiswonderful life-story, that was so much like a fairy-tale, has begun? It could happenat any time and in any place… Perhaps, we’d better call it a fairy-tale with alife-like plot? But again, does it really matter?

       What is actually important is that thisincredible and fantastic story is still going on and its unpredictable plot ispropelled not by the author’s imagination, but rather by the fates of definitepeople, their feelings, wishes, their love…

     Only Loveaccounts for the doings that we are going to tell you about.  

     Only Lovecan justify amazing intentions and wonderful deeds, unpredictable wishes andweird metamorphoses.

     Time has no power over It.

     Justlike it has no power over genunine art…



          The art of LOVE Is this an ability to love beautifully? Undoubtedly.

    But there is one more definition.

    The art filled with Love. The art that makes one feel tingles down hisspine…


     Films that make you fly, not crawl.

     Books that take us to the wonderful world ofgood and justice…

     Paintings in which every single stroke bya genius artist, denotes love.

     Andsongs through which the singers convey what the great composers and poets meantto tell to this world.



     However,there are instances of quite a different kind.


     Films that tickle you to spit into the screen.

     Booksthat determine you to wash your hands.

     Paintings created by genius scoundrels.

     And songs in which every word is full of  banknotes rustling…


     Is this art? Of course.

     «The art of Money»  is the name for it.


    But no more of that.


    Let’s visit other pages…